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The Consortium

ecoVprint is a coordinated system of companies truly committed towards sustainable development.

Sustainability is a key issue of our time, and leading companies around the world have been investing on quality sustainable growth.

We are urged to work for sustainability in an organized and systemic way, and that’s why ecoVprint was created.

Member companies are committed to operate through methods and actions aimed at achieving both profit and added value, not just for customers, but also for their environment and socio-economic context.

Member companies

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Associated companies

ecoVprint provides member companies with the support they need on their way to sustainability

Joining forces is not only supporting each other but also being constantly challenged and motivated.

The consortium offers its customers a supply chain made of companies sharing the B-Corp philosophy.

A reference point in the sustainable market, our partners are focused on mantaining the highest standards of reliability and quality in production.

The format

A new business model

Operating in the specific context of creation and development of tools of communication, the Consortium was envisioned to grow as a strong format to communicate and to become a reference model for responsible business.


Consorzio ecoVprint

Sede Legale e Amministrativa
Via Carlo Dragoni 47
52037, Sansepolcro (AR)